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Our Private Label Rights (PLR) content includes articles, ebooks, software, audio, and graphics.
These materials are ready to use and can be easily modified and claimed as your own. Plus, there are 1,000 words or more in each one, so you can be sure you have enough content to make your website or business stand out!
We also include relevant images known as memes, that include motivating and humorous text and quotes. In some of our article packages, you will also find cartoons which can be used in your publications to increase engagement.

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Congratulations! You will now have content which is ready for uploading to your website, social media etc. We suggest that you read it and consider how the style of writing etc., will match the interests of your audience and how it might be changed to engage them best.

We suggest that you make changes by re-writing the articles, for the best results. However, that's optional.

You can “cut and dice up” the content in any way you wish, and publish the content almost anywhere, as long as you don't sell the full package we sent you as it is. That's not allowed. (See our Licence Terms.)

Private Label Rights Articles, Ebooks, Software, Video, Audio & Graphics!

Our LongPLR is the perfect solution for anyone who needs content quickly and easily. With LongPLR you get access to high-quality content such as articles, ebooks, software, video, audio and graphics.
Plus, all our content is private label rights licensed so you can modify, claim ownership of materials and sell.
And our articles are all 1,000 words long or more so you know you're getting the most bang for your buck.

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